Our mission is to create a series that visits the best venues all across the United States, highlighting different terrain and encouraging riders to push their comfort zones. We want to create a platform for the best riders in the U.S to compete against one another over the course of the season, to fight for the title of National Enduro Series Champion. With races evenly spread across the country and all six rounds included in the Enduro World Series Qualifiers list, we hope to make world-class enduro competition accessible to new and up-and-coming racers in all regions.

Our schedule was determined thanks to feedback from a coalition of pro racers. These pro racers helped us identify the best races and series in their home regions. We are eternally grateful to these series promoters, who put on world-class events and lay the groundwork for a national series.

Our partnership with IMBA as title sponsor emphasizes the importance we put on trail stewardship and community building. Enduro is mountain biking at its best, and as anyone who has raced enduro will tell you, it’s not all about competition — it’s also about having a great day on the bike. IMBA has been invaluable in protecting the mountain bike trails we love to race and ride, and we hope to use this partnership to give back to the communities where we race. (Not an IMBA member? Join today!)

For more information, contact us as at info@nationalenduroseries.com or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.